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HA: [Users] backing up files

In the past, we have typically done something like pg_dump to isolate all the data into a .SQL file, and then re-inserted that data to rebuild a database. You can manipulate the command to save data only, and keep all data in the form of INSERTs only. If you need more information, I can dig up some sample commands and you can try them out on your own instance of OpenClinica.

Hope that helps,
От: [email protected] от имени Francisco Cuevas
Отправлено: Вс, 19.11.2006 18:59
Кому: L Berk
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Тема: Re: [Users] backing up files
I dont know, i ll investigate and then i ll have an answer.
2006/11/18, L Berk :
What is the best method of backing up the OpenClinca data? Backing up just the Postgres database, or is there a more involved procedure? Is there an automatic backup function within OpenClinica?
L. Berk
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