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[Developers] OpenClinica Patch for version 1.1

See below. This patch is highly recommended for users of OpenClinica 1.1. Apologies for cross postings

Sent: Monday, January 08, 2007 12:29 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: [Developers] OpenClinica Patch for version 1.1

Akaza Research recently released a patch for version 1.1 of OpenClinica, which addresses several issues. You can download the patch file here: http://www.openclinica.org/entities/entity_details.php?eid=326 Please note that Akaza did not publicly release the 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 patches. This patch incorporates the fixes from those patches and brings the application from 1.1 to version 1.1.3.

Issues addressed by the patch:

0000869: SQL error returned when uploading new CRF versions - This error was due to a missing clause in the SQL that inserted new version information for existing CRFs; This prevented a single user from uploading successive versions of a CRF; User could only upload a new version by logging into the system under an account other than the one used to create the CRF. Added missing clause to java class.

0001030: CRF upload error message appears erroneously – The system blocked users from uploading new versions of existing CRFs, and an error message incorrectly reported that option text-value pairs had changed. The reason was our original code didn’t recognize when response labels for complex controls appeared again with empty response_option_text/value columns. Corrected system behavior, and clarified error message text.

0001098: Restored Study inaccessible in Change Study Option - After restored a study, it could not show on the list when click the link 'Change Study/Site'.

0001097: Cannot Unlock Event Definition - While unlocking the Study Event Definition, after click 'Unlock Event Definition' Button and click 'OK' button, runtime error page generated.

0001096: Unable to Create Groups - Fail to create a subject group class by choosing a right group type provided by multiple group type options.

0001095: Remove User generate database error message - Fail to delete user and generate error message "The user could not be deleted due to a database error."

0001094: FIND button has Continue button behavior - 'Find' functionality does not work on IE browser. More specifically, when a crf search key word is typed in find field, IE will go to next page, i.e., "Confirm Event Definition Creation" page with empty CRF list.

0001111: Unable to view dataset following datawarehouse.sql file execution in postgreSQL pg Admin III.

Thank you,

Jaron Sampson
Software Engineer, Akaza Research
One Kendall Square
Bldg. 400, 4th Fl
Cambridge, MA 02139
tel: 617.621.8585 x.15
fax: 617.621.0065
cell: 505-590-7553

Cal Collins
Chief Executive Officer
Akaza Research
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Cambridge, MA 02139
p 617.621.8585 x11
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c 617-504-4664
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