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CRF spreadsheet missing in OpenClinica 2.0

Need access to the CRF spreadsheets

Recently, several users have reported that the link to the blank OpenClinica CRF Excel spreadsheet template returns the following error message:

“The excel spreadsheet is not available on the server, please contact your admin for help.”

This link is found on the “Administer Case Report Forms (CRFs)” page in the Business Administration module.

The CRF_Design_Template.xls file is included in the download package. It’s in the “conf” subfolder under the Openclinica install folder.
(e.g., “C:/openclinica-2.0/conf”)
To make it available for download from within OpenClinica, you need to copy this file to the “CRF” subfolder inside “openclinica.data”, which is found under your Tomcat.
(e.g., “C:/tomcat5/openclinica.data/CRF”.

This instruction will be included in future installation guides.

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