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Need help Problem in Open Clinica 2.0.1 Login afterinstallation

I suggest that Akaza should distribute a vmware image of an usable environment.
Since RHEL is not freely distributable, CentOS and Fedora are good alternatives.
So everyone can just download the vmware image and play with it on either Windows or Linux to see if it fit his need.
It would save a lot of such unnecessary effort and would promote OpenClinica adoption.
Krikor Krumlian 提到:
> Hello Mohammed ,
> I realized that you are using tomcat 6, Have you tried using Tomcat 5.
> We have not tested OpenClinica on tomcat 6 yet, so that could be a
> problem
> Thank you
> Krikor Krumlian
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> 400 One Kendall Square
> Cambridge, MA 02139
> tel: 617.621.8585
> fax: 617.621.0065
> www.akazaresearch.com
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