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Wishlist for CRF

Dear users and developers,

While trying to learn the logic of the OpenClinica Template, a few things struck me.
1) It would be much neater and simpler if the definitions of Response_Labels is shifted to another tab for future versions of the OpenClinica

2) Skip patterns and Derived values are essential if I have to actually use OpenClinica in real life.
[For my trial (in planning), we have close 40 to 66 data points in a CRF page (and multiples thereof) which ultimately will generate a single score. Since I am finally interested in only the final composite scores, it is a waste of time to extract all that data and then calculate it in a statistical software. ]
So when can we expect an implementation of skip patterns, derived variables and such CRF logic

3) I am not a software engineer. However, I use spreadsheets in ingenious ways can understand the logic of programming. Can I contribute to the section of Openclinica development. Can I try to create a template for the above

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