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Auto Generated Columns

Hi All,

We had implemented OpenClinica version 2.2.1. in our company. But, We have a difficulty in importing CDISC XML to SAS. There were no issues in creating SAS datasets, When it comes to sequence in CRF, it gives auto generated fields like "variablename_seq_A1,variablename_seq_A2...".
So the number of SAS dataset column increased. Due to this reason, the programmers feel hard to code in SAS analysis part.

In CDISC XML file there is a option for "ItemGroupRepeatKey" in tag. I hope, that will fix the auto generated column in SAS datasets.

If there are any other option to fix the auto generated fields, please let me know.

Thanks in Advance,


  • Yufang WangYufang Wang Posts: 95
    Could you please elobrate more about your question? like the meaning of " When it comes to sequence in CRF, it gives auto generated fields like "variablename_seq_A1,variablename_seq_A2". If you could provide one concrete example, that could help pinpoint the problem. You see, in your CDISC ODM XML, there are 2 places specified SAS names:
    - SASDatasetName; - SASFieldName. Is your reported trouble related to one of them?

    "ItemGroupRepeatKey" is an optional attribute of . According to CDISC ODM, if , "ItemGroupRepeatKey" has to be shown in . If , "ItemGroupRepeatKey" will not be shown in . So are you saying that you have and no "itemGroupRepeatKey", and this cause you trouble?

    Thank you for your interests in OpenClinica.

    Yufang Wang
    Akaza Research
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