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Cons & Pros about database system

Hi all,
I'm data base administrator on OpenClinica.
And i've to hosted some clinical trial on web server.
I'm wondering about two kinds of database hosting solutions.
What's the Pros and Cons about this two solutions :
- 1 -
One database system with all clinical trials studies.
(Each clinical trial will be on one database server)
- 2 -
One database system will be on distinct database server.
I think that for the first one (1),
the Pros is:
- the administration and management of user and clinical trial is easiest.
(one account/user and for all the OC)
the Cons is :
- there's no isolation about possible mistake, update and upgrade.
For the seconde one (2),
the Pros is:
- the isolation will limit crash or possible mistake.
- the installation of new version of OC don't impact the previous installation
the Cons is :
- the administration and management of user and clinical trial is more
You need more storage and system for each OC software.
Can you tell me if somebody have tested the second one?
And share me this experience.
Thanks you,
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