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OpenClinica CRF version

Does OpenClinica delete the previous data entry when you update a CRF version ?
And if not what's about export data? (of the new and the old version of CRF)


  • Hi Hugo,

    When you say 'update a CRF version' are you talking about changing the form metadata by uploading a new CRF, or do you mean changing the data that you entered for a subject?

    In general, both are saved - OpenClinica has a system of auditing built into the database in the form of triggers, so data that you change is kept in the audit log, where you can review it under Manage Study > Subjects. Old versions of CRFs are also saved, unless you expressly delete them.

    As far as export is concerned, you will export the newest data that you enter on a subject, as long as the study event definition has already been marked 'completed' by a user. If it's not complete, information won't be included in the warehousing queries.

    Please let me know if I answered your questions. Best, Tom
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