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RE: [Developers] Data extraction

Thank you,

Subject: RE: [Developers] Data extraction
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 15:32:59 -0400
To: [email protected]; [email protected]
Leena, hi since we got together yesterday I got back to working on my test of 1.1. We need to get to the database to do something I think. First of all, we should really think about dropping the test data extraction rows from 3 tables and get to what we really need. I am doing this on my test PC. Also, the data is supposed to saved in the Tomcat folders (we checked) and that is the part that is missing. The dataset table is trying to reference a physical location that is no longer there. Let me test out a few things and get back to you.
From: leena mishra [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, July 25, 2008 3:22 PM
To: [email protected]; [email protected]
Subject: [Developers] Data extraction
Dear All,

I am having an issue with data extraction.

The OpenClinica sytem was running in production with v 1.3. Recently I upgraded it to OpenClinica 2.2.1. All the existing information got updated to 2.2.1. Application looks good (along with the data) except the data extraction part. When I clink on creating the dataset, it returns blank dataset.It looks like I am missing something on this part. If i run the sql script to to create the warehouse it goes on for ever. never stops....Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Leena Mishra

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