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RE: [Developers] Directly inserting into DB & possible DB error.

Can you please let us know which version of OpenClinica you are running? Is it the beta1 or the beta2 version of 2.5?

Please help me clarify what you are experiencing so we can try to see what is going on. After clicking Execute for one of the rules, you do not see the name of the rule, or the expression you entered in the xml or the action type, correct? Or, do you not see any Affected Subjects? Also, did you already use your SQL script to create the Subjects and Study Events?

At this time we do not recommend importing data into the database directly as the system relies on the primary keys that are generated when information is provided through the application. If those pk’s are not there, the application will not work correctly.

Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008 1:16 PM
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Subject: [Developers] Directly inserting into DB & possible DB error.

Dear All,
I have been struggling with implementing rules in our OC installation. One of the developers at Akaza was kind enough to check my xml (it was correct) and even offer to login to our installation, but we have since lost touch. Essentially, when I try to upload a rule, it is accepted, but when I apply it, the row between the following lines is always empty:

Rule Name


Execute On

Action Type

Action Summary

By choosing "Submit", the actions noted above will be taken on all of the subjects. If you choose "Cancel", no actions will be taken at all.
I have a few different rules uploaded and plenty of study subject data entered, so I know that some CRF data is bound to match at least one rule condition. Also, discrepancy notes that I enter while checking CRFs are not saved. I am thinking that these may be database issues, because I faced blanks when I first tried creating/extracting/viewing datasets.
Also, I would like to know if it is safe to use an SQL script to automatically create patients in the subject, study_subject, etc tables. We want to track and treat 7500 young children for our pneumococcal disease surveillance program here in Karachi, Pakistan, so it would really help if we did not have to manually create so many study subjects. If a similar procedure can also be used to assign them to study events (we have 20 possible events), then that would be a plus.
Lastly, if discrepancy notes are functioning as they should, then I assume that I can extract the relevant info directly from the discrepancy_note table using a script. I would really appreciate any help you with the few issues I am facing.
-Owais Ahmed
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