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RE: [Developers] Bypassed schedule event?

Hi Hevoila,
Those terms in the event definition pages reflect standards set forth by
CDISC ODM. 'Unscheduled' does not mean that you do not have to schedule
a date for the event in the application.
Here is an excerpt form the CDISC ODM standard that explains what
Scheduled, and Unscheduled means:
"A scheduled event is one that is expected to occur for each subject as
part of the ordinary progress of the study. An unscheduled event is not
expected to occur, but may occur as circumstance dictates. Scheduled and
unscheduled events typically occur at some particular time."
At this time, OpenClinica needs to have a scheduled date provided at all
times in order for the event to begin.
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Hello oc expert,
Can we bypassed schedule event? If, yes, how can we do that?
Because we've a study and we don't need to schedule event.
The fact is, when we create an event definition and we select "Type:
unscheduled", OpenClinica requiered to schedule event.
King regard,
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