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How to Download ALL CRF data including NOT'ComplertedStatus'

Dear Paul
Many thanks for your prompt response - I look forward to the release of version 3.0. Is this the same version that is available for beta testing?

Many thanks
Kind Regards

Mervyn Wong
IS Manager/Clinical Research Associate

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Hi Mervyn,

In OpenClinica 2.5, and earlier versions, you will not be able to export data that has not been completed. In 3.0, you will have the option of getting that data out in addition to all of the completed data.


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Subject: [Users] How to Download ALL CRF data including NOT 'ComplertedStatus'

Dear All
We are trying to download the CRF data - how can we download ALL the data including those CRF that are NOT in a 'Completed Status' (i.e. the check box ‘Mark CRF Complete’ is left blank). Currently we are downloading only the CRF data that is in 'Completed Status'
Thank you in advance for any assistance.
Mervyn Wong
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