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תשובה: [Users] Recommendations wanted :-) and received, thanks to all!

Wish you good luck. I"m sure you won't be disappointed.
BTW, see the OpenClinica Announcement from yesterday about two major studies which use it as their EDC
Again, if you need any assistance don't hesitate:
[email protected]
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מאת: maike kaluscha
תאריך: יום ד', יולי 29, 2009 14:21
נושא: [Users] Recommendations wanted :-) and received, thanks to all!
אל: [email protected]
> Hello,
> to see the OC users community at work convinced me even more that
> it is
> a good thing to work with.
> From the view of data management I think it is just what we need.
> The
> suggestion Shmulik Adler made about setting up a kind of pilot
> study is
> great, I already have a project in mind :-).
> Many thanks to all for helping me with all my questions!
> Best regards
> Maike
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