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Upgrade Questions

Friends at Akaza,

We’re currently planning to upgrade from v2.2.1 to 3.0.

How will our ongoing studies be affected?

1. What will happen to existing meeting role assignments? Roles in 3.0 are quite different. (None of the studies has sites.)

2. Do we need to create new versions of any CRFs? I believe it was mentioned during the 28Oct09 webinar that v3.0 will support CRFs created under 2.5x and 2.2x, but some of the studies are still using some CRFs created under v1.x.

3. Are there any differences in study details that will need to be addressed?

4. What else should we be concerned with?

Thank you!


Cynthia S. Lassnoff, MS
Senior Systems Analyst / Business Analyst
Contractor, perotsystemsâ
(international +1) 301-841-4191, [email protected]

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