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What do you use to join repeating groups to their main forms in statistical analysis?


When analyzing data from the ODM file, we are currently using StudySubjectID, EventOID and StudyEventRepeatKey when linking repeating groups to their main forms.

Would it be worthwhile to ask Akaza to add a new extension to the datasets that can be used for this type of linkage? That way, we would be using only one variable to link, instead of 3. The best candidate for this new extension would be a variable called “event_crf_id” in the database.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.



  • JozefJozef Posts: 71
    I am a bit surprised by your question, as the combination of SubjectKey, StudyEventOID (and StudyEventRepeatKey), FormOID (and FormRepeatKey), and ItemGroupOID and ItemGroupOID uniquely identify a (repeating) ItemGroup.

    The ODM standard itself provides all the features you ask for, so I think there is no real need to have an extension for this.

    With best regards,

    Jozef Aerts
    XML4Pharma, and
    CDISC ODM Development Team
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