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enrolling a subject into OpenClinica using Mirth and3.0's SOAP service ...

enrolling a subject into OpenClinica using Mirth and 3.0's SOAP service ...
Hi Colton,

Thank you very much for contributing this to the community. This channel will be very helpful to a multitude of organizations using OpenClinica.

Thanks again,

Paul J. Galvin
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Sent: Friday, June 19, 2009 12:59 PM
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Subject: [Developers] enrolling a subject into OpenClinica using Mirth and3.0's SOAP service ...

Attached (I hope) is a Mirth channel that enrolls a subject into OpenClinica
using 3.0's SOAP services. The password in the SOAP envelope has been redacted.
To get this to work on my local machine, I had to use stunnel4 to route messages from port
8445 to 8443 where I have OpenClinica running with SSL. I had to do
this because Mirth doesn't support https directly unless you buy
an appliance.
What happens is this: Mirth reads a file describing a study subject,
parses the data, generates a corresponding SOAP message and then shoots
it off to OpenClinica which then enrolls the patient.
I think the demo significant, because it shows how OpenClinica
can be integrated with powerful middleware already in use in hospitals
and labs everywhere.
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