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CRF shows multiple versions

kevintehkevinteh Posts: 32
Dear developers,

Sorry if this is simple...But i can't see it..It's just one of those things...My question is how/where can I disable multiple versions of a CRF forms appearing when entering data...I do not want my users to have the choice of multiple crf form versions...Cheers..

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  • haenselhaensel Posts: 602 ✭✭✭
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    Hi Kevin

    Enabling/Disabling of CRF version is possible on site level only. You
    can find more infos about editing site informations in die OpenClinica
    docs [1].


  • kkkk Posts: 10
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    Hi Kevin,

    As Christian said you can disable or enable different versions of a CRF. If you do not want the users to see the old versions and the ability to select an old version, then you have delete the old version. But first you have to make sure all data from the previous versions have been transferred to the current version or else you will lose any data entered in the old version. The ability to change a CRF with full audit control after data entry has been started is a great new function that you do not see in to many eCRF systems.


  • GerbenRienkGerbenRienk Posts: 838 ✭✭✭
    Hi Kevin,

    In addition to Christians and Kristers answers: you can also "Archive"a CRFversion.
    Say you have v1.0 and after a few weeks you decide you want to add an item to the CRF. You upload v1.1. 
    Now first go to BuildStudy, find the StudyEvents that use this CRF and set the default version to v1.1
    Now go to the list of CRFs under Administration and browse/filter to v1.0 and click on the red padlock-icon, Archive. The effect will be that all CRFs that are not MarkedComplete can be finished in v1.0, but for every new CRF only version v1.1 will be available.
    Hope this helps,

    Gerben Rienk
  • kevintehkevinteh Posts: 32
    Thank you all for your awesome suggestions...Cheers..

  • joseph_uamsjoseph_uams Posts: 21
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    Nothing happens when click "Run Now" to export dataset. It shows and remains in the queue indefinitely..

    Thank you
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