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Dear Developers,

So sorry if this is trivial. So I’m currently trying out OpenClinica. I installed the OC VM Version 3.12 community. It works perfectly on the OC Ubuntu OS firefox. However when I try using it on another OS, it logs in fine but does not display any CRFs. I’ve used multiple browsers Chrome, Firefox, IE8 it says webpage is not available. When using another later version of Ubuntu it gives content encoding error when using firefox. I also have to mention I’ve put the OC vm on a server so it runs faster. Any ideas? Extra plugins I need to install to see CRFs? Cheers.

 Kevin Teh



  • jamuna269jamuna269 Posts: 109
    Hi kevin,
    Its fairly easy to upgrade to We've made several updates to javascript libraries so they are compatible with the latest browsers. Since you are new to OpenClinica, I'd recommend starting with

    Also, in 3.1.2 are you able to view any other pages or is it just the crfs page you are having issues with? Could you also send the logs so we can take a look at it?

  • kevintehkevinteh Posts: 32

    Thank you so much for your reply. I'm just having a look hence using a preinstalled VM image to test out some stuff. Will in future upgrade to the latest version for the live implementation. I'm only having issues with the CRF pages. Hence i'm asking if this might be a specific issue with plugins? or something else. Not sure how to get the catalina.out to you on this forum? Cheers.


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  • kevintehkevinteh Posts: 32
    Sorted it out proxy and firewall issues..Cheers..
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