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OpenClinica 3.2 Now Available!



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    Thanks Lindsay!

    Our top priority for the next release is to schedule an event based on a
    prior event date. The release plan will be up soon and we'll send a link.

    After looking at the problem for a while, it seems like we need a new
    action (will be called EventAction). EventAction will support date
    arithmetic like you describe. Considering the design of the rules engine,
    you'll probably get the ability to schedule an event based on an item value
    along with it, though that's not the primary objective.

    Originally we thought InsertAction could do the job of scheduling events
    but there are some differences between inserting item data and
    creating/updating events so we're planning on adding this new action (see
    example XML attached to http://jira.openclinica.com/browse/OC-4135).

    Since we're working on a new action, we won't be adding support for arithmetic
    in insert action destination values just yet - I know there are a lot of
    good use cases for this outside of scheduling/calendaring, but it's a short
    release cycle (release date June 13).

    Alicia and I will add the other suggestions from this thread to the

    - conditionally call a user defined web service from a rule, passing some
    form attribute names and values as parameters and returning results into
    selected OC attributes.
    - adding support for arithmetic in insert action destination values
    - show or hide an event or crf based on an item value. e.g. conditional
    events or crfs, or different visits for different treatment arms.
    - show or hide an item or item group, or insert a value, anywhere in the
    subject casebook (at the moment we can only work within a single event
    - option to make email actions silent (no discrepancy message) - I think I
    saw this in jira already
    - use advanced/convenience operators like item IN (list), item NOT IN
    (list), substring(search,item), etc in rule expressions. Maybe there is
    some way to let us use java or javascript in rule expressions instead?

    The other major feature of the release, which is loosely related to that
    last idea of using javascript in rules (though not part of the rules engine
    itself), is creation of substitution tokens for use in CRF design (
    http://jira.openclinica.com/browse/OC-4942). The main goal is to let CRF
    designers create HREF links from within the CRF to external systems that
    can be subject- or data-specific in support of an integration use case from
    our partners at CTMM in the Netherlands. The way it's being implemented,
    however, could be much more powerful and flexible. You'll be able to create
    tokens for study subject id, item data values, and other fields, in left
    item text and other CRF fields. The tokens will get parsed at runtime and
    display the current value for the subject/event CRF being rendered. So
    you'll be able to do something like this (exact syntax TBD):

    The tokens ({Study Name}, {Study Subject ID}, {{itemname}}, etc) could be
    used to display a value to the user, be part of a link, or as part of more
    sophisticated HTML/javascript embedded in your CRF.

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