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Performance Testing OC Applications

Hello OC users,

I am attempting to perform some performance test comparisons on different versions of OC. For this particular tests, I am looking at using JMeter. I have had a look at the sample Test Plans but I am left wondering how to create Test Plans for OC pages such as login located at {OC_Installation/login/login}. Has anyone attempted this before using JMeter or any other performance test tool? Please provide advice on approach taken. Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Caesar Olima


  • cdominguescdomingues Posts: 1
    edited May 2014
    I am also looking for a similar tool. Have you found some interesting application? 
    JMeter worked well?
  • caesarookecaesarooke Posts: 10
    Hello cdomingues,

    I did this performance testing in a couple of ways. The tedious and very manual way was to install Firefox plugin, YSlow. This enabled me to check load times,file sizes,contents, etc of various pages from different versions of OC. My goal was rather a comparison of advantages that i would gain in performance by using either version 3.0.x and  and 3.1.x. I had to monitor the results and take screen shots for my documentation. This was rather too manual before I resolved to using JMeter.

    JMeter's recording controller was helpful in recording  a chosen use case, say data manger loging in into the system performing certain tasks and loging out. You can find tutorials at Jmeter Test Blog and Jmeter-Step-by-Step helpful but there's more information on the web.

    General advice from perfomance testing is having a "benchmark" for your test. Is it a test of this version versus that version of generally response speed of your application, etc. Many of these can be achieved by JMeter, so having a concrete target for your "Performance Test" will give you more useful results.

    Hope this info helps.


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