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Are Rules Available for Restore?

I designed rules utilizing Rule Designer.  I removed two of the rules using the blue 'x' next to the rule.  I expected that since the blue 'x' showed 'remove' as a label when I passed the cursor over top that removed rules would be restorable.  However, upon selecting the blue 'x', I received a message stating something to the effect of 'this can only be restored by Investigator'. 

I thought that someone with administrative rights would be able to restore the rule later if I needed it, but when we tried to restore, the technical administrator was not able to locate the rule to restore.  In addition, as a user, I was not able to see the rules that had been removed.

I re-wrote the rule, but in general, is one able to restore rules that are removed? 

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    Hi LaShaunda,

    You can restore Rules...there are just a few extra steps - please see below:

    1. Go to *Tasks*-->*Monitor and Manage Data*-->*Rules*.
    2. Click the *Show More* link above the list of Rules.
    3. Click in the gray filter box at the top of the *Rule Status* column and
    select *Removed*.
    * Only removed rules are listed.*
    4. Scroll to the right and click the restore icon for the Rule you want to

    Best regards,


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    Hi Laura,
    Thanks.  This is very helpful. When I filtered for removed, I was able to see the removed rules again. 

    Best regards,
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