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CRF - Left Item Text

Is there a way to increase the limit for text wrap on the Left Item text? (default is 20 characters)

Also is there any way to display the radio button option in the next line instead of the same line that of the questions?

Dinesh pal


  • jmacminn1jmacminn1 Posts: 18
    Hi Dinesh,

    Have you tried to use the breakline HTML tag in your Left-Item-Text? While it may not increase the limit, it does provide you with a little more control over the text formatting, and can be used in the Left-Item-Text, Right-Item-Text, Header and Subheader of your CRF.

    The <br> tag inserts a single line break. You can type <br> anywhere in your Left-Item-Text where you want the text to move to a new line.

    In regards to your second question, have you tried putting the question text in the header or subheader of the form instead of in the left-item-text? The text will then appear above the response options.

    I hope this helps!

  • Thank you Jessica I will try this!
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