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Monitor User


I have created a monitor user at study level in OpenClinica 3.2 and I have some problems...

1-When I view a CRF and I try to add a new query, the flag icon next the Item doesn't appear and a "Discrepancy Note icon" in blue (first time I have seen, screenshot attached) takes its place. Then I try to click this new icon but it disappears... and as a result, I can't add new queries. 
2- When I try to edit Event status or/and to remove/restore a Dataset (I'm the owner of the dataset), OpenClinica shows the following message: "You don't have correct permission in your current Study. Change your current Study or contact your administrator." Which kind of permission should I have?

3-If I'm not the owner of the Dataset, I can't edit the Dataset. I thought I can because of the user matrix, but it is the less important problem.

That's all! 



  • GuppiGuppi Posts: 14
    edited January 2015
    Hi mllopis,
    1. What browser are you using? (looks like IE) Did you try another one?
    2. As I remember Monitor role shouldn't be able to update the data/event statuses (21 CFR part 11). I can advice change user role to 'Data specialist' (Update event: Click 'View/Event data' hyperlink on the 'Subject Matrix' pop-up -> 'Edit Study Event' hyperlink; Edit data set: Tasks -> View Datasets -> 'Show only my datasets' hyperlink -> Edit icon; create DNs on the View Data entry page works fine too).

  • mllopismllopis Posts: 15
    Hi Guppi,

    1. It was Mozilla Firefox. Finally, it was solved by our system administrator, the problem was the URL name (our subdomain name was identical to the URLpath name).


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