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Creating rules for text fields

Is it possible thru the Rule Builder to check that a text field is the same across CRF visits? 

In this scenario there is no dropdown or standard this would be strictly a text field documenting a name and it could be many different names.  This would ensure the same person performed a specific evaluation for a patient for every visit.


Otherwise this would be a manual/eyeball check.




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    Yes, it is possible. The rule definition would target e.g.

    The rule expression would compare the target item to other events, e.g.
    Item eq Event2.CRF.ItemGroup.Item

    There would be rules like this for every target event, comparing to every
    other event, e.g. for a study with 3 events there would be 6 rules, e.g.

    For Event1, Item eq Event2...Item, Item eq Event3...Item

    For Event2, Item eq Event1...Item, Item eq Event3...Item

    For Event3, Item eq Event2...Item, Item eq Event1...Item

    These are separate rules because if an event doesn't exist yet, that part
    of the expression becomes null (not true or false).

    If you have many events, I suggest writing these in xml so you can
    copy/paste easily, or generate most of it in Excel.

    If you haven't written rule xml before, write the first of these rules in
    designer, then export it to xml. It should be pretty straightforward which
    parts you need to change for each rule.

    Note that to upload rule xml containing more than one rule, all the ruledef
    parts must be above all the ruleref parts, like ruledef ruledef ruleref

    Since these rules can only evaluate an exact text match, it might be worth
    checking this in exported data instead so you can differentiate typos from
    incorrect names.
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