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Prevent unverified (data source) CRFs from being signed

Hello Community.

Can anyone inform me if there is a way to prevent users from signing CRFs before they are marked as verified?
The same question applies for CRFs that have open discrepancies

Thank you,


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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 admin
    Hi Iannis [@drakos],

    The investigator role is the only role that includes the [Part 11 compliant] signature process. Only after all CRFs in an event are marked complete, can the Investigator sign off on the event.


  • drakosdrakos Posts: 16

    Thank you for your reply Rob.

    I understand the pipeline for signing an event (CRFs marked complete -> investigator can sign).

    We are looking for a way to prevent an investigator form signing an event if the, marked as complete, CRFs of that event have still open discrepancies or have not been verified yet.


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