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Show events and discrepancy notes / Sign Subject


in our installation of OC (v3.5) on the "Sign Subject" page (the page that an investigator sees if she/he clicks on the sign icon which appears on the right of a subject at the "Subject Matrix") the link "Show events and discrepancy notes" is not functional and there is no way to display the discrepancy notes table.

To resolve this issue we had to revise the showSummaryBox JavaScript function (fileincludes/global_functions_javascript.js) as follows:

function showSummaryBox(divObject,parentLinkObj,showText,hideText){
 var sumBox;
 if (typeof divObject === 'string')
  sumBox = document.getElementById(divObject);
  sumBox = $(divObject);
    if(sumBox && sumBox.style.display == "none") {
//        sumBox.show();
        sumBox.style.display = "block"
        parentLinkObj.innerHTML= '<img name="ExpandGroup1" src="images/bt_Collapse.gif" border="0"> ' + hideText;
    }  else {
            sumBox.style.display = "none"
//            sumBox.hide();
            parentLinkObj.innerHTML= '<img name="ExpandGroup1" src="images/bt_Expand.gif" border="0"> ' + showText;


I'm posting the revised code, in case someone is facing the same issue.

It would be interesting to know if this is a know issue and possible other solutions.




  • kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,339 ✭✭✭

    Hi Iannis,

    This you must handle via your SOP's. You have to inform your investigators not to sign any forms until you have reviewed and approved the data. Or you can do the review after the investigator has ´signed the CRF's. This method is more complicated and the investigator has to sign the changed CRF's again.




  • drakosdrakos Posts: 16

    Hello Krister.

    thank you for the detailed reply. I understand now that SOP is the best way for signatures QA in the current OC model.

    This post though, was to share my code fix for a non working link.

    Are you referring to a previous post of mine?


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