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Double Data Entry Changed to Not Completed after deletion of form version

This was previously posted as,

"Double Data Entry Not Saved When Entry Made Using Google Chrome"

However, we discovered that the problem we are encountering may not be related to the use of google chrome for data entry. 

We have a CRF for which two versions of the CRF were available in the study. 

CRF Version #1 was only used for a few data entries and all subsequent data entries were performed under the second CRF version.  The data originally entered in the first version of the CRF was migrated into the Version #2 CRF. CRF Version #1 was deleted. 

After it's deletion, though all of the data had been migrated into the other version of the CRF Version #2, all of the CRFs of this particular type were changed from "COMPLETED" to "Data Entry Started".  

CRF Version #2 contains the migrated data from CRF Version #1 (a couple of entries) plus the many data entries originally entered in CRF Version #2.  The status for all CRF Version #2 data entries was changed from "COMPLETED" to "Data Entry Started" regardless of which form version had been used to enter the data.  When one enters the double data entry to re-enter data, the data is already populated; however, the check box for CRF completed at the end is blank (though it had originally been checked prior to the deletion of CRF Version #1). 

After checking the check box for CRF completed in CRF Version #2 again, when one returns to the screen for that particular event, the icon for CRF Version #2 has changed to "Double Data Entry" though both initial data entry has been performed once already and double data entry has now been performed twice.  When one clicks "Continue Editing Data", one is given a completely blank entry form to re-enter the data a fourth time even though the columns "Initial Data Entry" and "Double Data Entry" are already filled with the names of the user who entered the data previously on the event page. 

When looking at the subject matrix, the status of the event in which CRF Version #2 is located has the status "Completed". 

Has anyone encountered this problem where the CRF changes from "completed" to "not completed" for all form version when one form version has been deleted?  

Any ideas about how to rectify?  Can the double data entry be restored so the data does not have to be re-entered?

Thank you,



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  • llm19.case.edullm19.case.edu Posts: 31
    After investigation, we believe we have identified the cause of the reversion of the form status to incomplete and the disappearance of the double data entry. 

    We think that what may have occurred is that initially instead of deleting the older version of the CRF, the current version of the CRF was first removed and restored.  Then, subsequently, the older version of the CRF was deleted. 

    When we removed and restored the current version of the CRF in a test database, we were able to replicate the problem even without deletion of the other version of the CRF.  We aren't certain if this is an OpenClinica feature and this is by design. 

    Thanks, LaShaunda  
  • lkeitalkeita Posts: 50
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    Hi LaShaunda,

    I've reported this as a bug - you can follow the progress here:

    Thanks for all your efforts in reproducing this!

    Best regards,


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  • llm19.case.edullm19.case.edu Posts: 31

    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for all of your help on this issue.  We appreciate it. 


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