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Rule testd fine, but does not enforce when entering data.

I encountered an odd problem, would compare the consent date and diagnosed date, it is a simple rule that the consent date has to be after the diagnosed date, my rule looks like:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <RuleRef OID="REG_PBCD_DATE">
            <DiscrepancyNoteAction IfExpressionEvaluates="true">
                <Run AdministrativeDataEntry="true"
                    InitialDataEntry="true" DoubleDataEntry="true"
                    ImportDataEntry="false" Batch="true"/>
                <Message>Diagnosed date has to be before consent date.</Message>
        <Expression>I_DTREG_PBC_DIAGNOSED_DATE gte I_DTREG_CONSENT_DATE</Expression>

It runs fine in the test, but when I did real data entry, the rule simply does not enforce at all. No Discrepancy note appeared as required, no warning message.

Any suggestions?




  • liu09liu09 Posts: 51
    I have to say that these two dates are in different sections in the same CRF, I have similar date rule checking on the same section of a CRF, which runs fine. I am using OC 3.5.
  • lkeitalkeita Posts: 50
    Are the two dates in different Groups? If so, your Target should include the F_OID.IG_OID.I_OID, and the Expression should include that same path for the consent date item (but should only include the I.OID for the diagnose date since the full path was already defined in the Target).
  • liu09liu09 Posts: 51
    Dear Ikeita,

    Thank you so much for your reply. Good to see you again !!!

    You were right about the problem. I used the rule designer, but apparently the rule designer has not been updated with the latest group requirement (may need to be fixed in the next release of rule designer). It is working now after put the group OID in.


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