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How are data exports affected by discrepancy notes, and is mass discrepancy note closure possible?

Hey Folks -

We find ourselves in a bit of a situation. We've had a study going on for a few years now, and recently realized that that when exporting data, things didn't look right. We believe this has to do with having a few thousand discrepancy notes with a status of "New" or "Updated". This raised a few questions internally here.

1. Are question answers that have been updated but have a discrepancy note other than "Closed" exported in the datasets?

2. Is there a way in the web interface to bulk close discrepancy notes? We have thousands of them that are not closed, doing them one by one would literally take days.

3. If #2 is not possible, can I simply run an update in the database? Something like "update discrepancy_note set resolution_status_id = X where resolution_status_id in (Y,Z)" where X is whatever the ID of closed is and Y/Z are New and Updated?

4. Or, can we simply ignore the fact that they are not closed and everything will just be right in the world, and there is something else going on with our data (which could be, it's a LOT to go over).



  • kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,338 ✭✭✭
    In my experience with data management and auditing I would never have allowed this situation to happen. There obviously was a reason for the discrepancy notes and they should have been closed. You cannot simply close them in bulk! How would you know that none of the are important?
    I would simply get down to the hard work and review them and take the appropriate action.

  • ServerSageServerSage Posts: 32
    99% of the discrepancy notes are related to changes of phone numbers and/or changes to preferred call times. I plan on limiting to just those when I do the update (if it's possible to do the update that is). The rest will be manually updated. The call times are important, but whatever is reflected in the most recent note is what we want.

    So, anybody know if it can be done? Thanks!
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