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Rules not fired in hidden fields. OpenClinica 3.1

Hello everyone,

We have a problem with few very simple rules in fields that are hidden. These rules doesn't work when you are in data entry mode, but no problem in batch mode.

This happens in hidden fields (that obviously have been unhide). Does anybody know if it's a known bug?

I attach the rule as you can see it's very simple:


HER2 must not be positive

I_AYSCR_A055 eq 1

Help will be much appreciated.

Thank you very much,



  • fhernandezfhernandez Posts: 38
    The rule...
  • tkhajatkhaja Posts: 62 ✭✭
    Hi Franciso,

    As long as the fields are shown, the rule should fire.

    -Do you have multiple versions of the CRF?
    -Did you verify the item OID I_AYSCR_A055 exists in the CRF version you are trying to enter data.
    -Do you mind uploading the CRF so that I can take a look.

  • fhernandezfhernandez Posts: 38
    Hi Thasbiha and thank you for your answer.

    About your questions:

    1) We only have one version.
    2) Yes, it exists. We checked in form details.
    3) OK. I upload the CRF (only the involved fields)

    Any help is welcome.

    Thank you very much,
  • vbahrvbahr Posts: 5
    Hi Francisco,

    today I also had a hidden field, where the rule didn't fire. In my case the problem was that my field had a parent item in the CRF. When I removed this parent item the same rule fired.

    Best regards,
  • tkhajatkhaja Posts: 62 ✭✭
    edited August 2015
    Hi Francisco,

    Thank you for uploading the CRF. I wasn't able to reproduce the issue. Here are the steps I followed:

    -I uploaded the CRF and attached it to a new study event
    -I uploaded the rule(I had to include a space between the AdministrativeDataEntry="true" and InitialDataEntry="true" since the rule you attached didn't have a space and it was throwing errors while uploading the xml)
    -I began data entry for the AY Screening Visit CRF
    -I selected "No" for the "Metastatic disease diagnosed de novo?" item
    -and selected Positive (+++) for the"Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2):" item
    The rule triggered as expected. See the attached screenshot.

    Let me know if you do not get the same results after following the steps above. FYI - I used OpenClinica version 3.4 for this testing.

  • fhernandezfhernandez Posts: 38
    Hi Thasbiha & Viola,


    Thank you again.

    This is just what rule must do and what we expected, I don't know if it could be some kind of corruption in our OpenClinica data base (in general rule works fine but few has the same error).

    Lack of space is my mistake when I pass rule to txt file because xml format is not allowed here.


    In our case there isn't parent item, but thank you for the input.

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