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Question about Tag related to range of an item

Dear Users
In Openclinica, if we have item Haemoglobin, and we have a range for
that item, which is 6-15. Now for many cases, we found values beyond
this range. So during data entry, we have lots of Flags for this question.

Now i have two questions here:

Can i remove all the Flags in one go?

If i change the range for this item and again reload the CRF, then
how can i apply new range check for entered data. So all Flags go.

I hope i could explained my query.
Thanks and Regards


  • agoodwinagoodwin Posts: 131 admin
    HI Manoj,
    Unfortunately once a discrepancy note has been logged it must be manually closed. Regarding future checks, there are 2 ways you could do this:

    1. Create a new version w/ a simple edit check or

    2. Instead of using a range check in the CRF itself you could use a rule. Rules can be managed independently of the CRF and therefor you can simply update the rule (and not the CRF) when you want to update your edit check.

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