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Problem with rule Designer 1.2 in change the ip addres for localhost

MichelMichel Posts: 20
When I mount rule designer 1.2 and change the configuration in files
when I access fron OpenClinica he start load the link
but he change to
if I change manually localhost to he load the rule designer. I don´t now why he change the address please helpme


  • yogiyogi Posts: 25
    Hello Michel,

    at first i see that you config the files in "Desginer-1.1" but you use Version 1.2 may be you have to check the right folder.

    Which OpenClinica Version do you use? And do you change the configuration files with the complete hostname inklusiv port (

    In my configuration i use the domain name of the Server (complete hostname) on which the ruledesigner is working (for example testserver.domain.com:8080). And it still works fine.


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