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HTTP Status 400 when printing repeating event crfs


When trying to print an event crf that is included in a repeating event I get a HTTP 400 error.

e.g. url: /rest/clinicaldata/html/print/S_SCLSH150/SS_T3/SE_TELEPHONEFOLLOWUP[1]/F_24TELEPHONEF_V2

Can anyone suggest what the issue is?




  • jkeremianjkeremian Posts: 29
    via Email
    HI ,
    You will need to escape the square brackets in the url.
    replace left bracket [ with %5B
    replace right bracket ] with %5D
    so [1] will be %5B1%5D
    you should be all set.
    Good luck
  • skwalerskwaler Posts: 49
    Hi Joe,

    I tried that, still same error...

    Any other ideas? Could the browser type be an issue, i've tried in chrome and firefox?


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