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Multi-subject REST requests: poor performance


I am attempting to retrieve clinical data for all subjects enrolled at a given site using REST requests with the /Study_OID/*/*/* pattern in OpenClinica 3.6. However, I am experiencing extremely poor performance, and was wondering if anyone has any experience of this or tips on how to improve it.
  • A REST request for a site containing 7 subjects takes 2.5 minutes to respond.
  • A REST request for a site containing 12 subjects takes just under 5 minutes to respond.
  • A REST request for anything more that about 12 subjects returns a nginx '404' error
I have a couple of observations which may help or be of interest:
  • When executing similar requests in 3.5, the response time was an order of magnitude faster (a few seconds rather than a few minutes), but unfortunately these responses are useless because of the bug mentioned here
  • Typically, a large proportion of the response is comprised of study metadata (under the <Study /> node), which I am not interested in and do not need. I only need the <ClinicalData /> node. Is there any way of not having the study metadata returned? This might speed up the response...?
Thank you,
Richard Welsh


  • kkrumliankkrumlian Posts: 25
    Hello Richard,

    How many events do you have?
  • Richard WelshRichard Welsh Posts: 13
    Hello @kkrumlian ,

    Typically, 4 to 8 events per subject. I don't know if this is relevant, but the entire study has about 110 subjects, and there are other studies on the same instance of OC with many more subjects (one has nearly 3000).

    I forgot to mention that I am also extracting Discrepancy Note and Audit Log information in these REST requests. The requests are a bit faster without, but still very slow.

  • gabrielgtgabrielgt Posts: 2
    I have the same problem. A big amount of metadata I don't need (5MB), always I call the case book to get info about an event. It lasts 26 seconds to get the info in XML.

    It would be great if the URL could have an extra parameter for not including metadata: https://.../xml/view/.../*/*?includeDNs=n&includeAudits=n&includeMetadata=n

  • GerbenRienkGerbenRienk Posts: 837 ✭✭✭
    Hi Gabriel,
    Your wish has been granted, almost ... See https://jira.openclinica.com/browse/OC-4055
    and vote for the issue.
    Gerben Rienk
  • gabrielgtgabrielgt Posts: 2
    Done :wink:

    But I think what I'm asking for is quite easier than OC-4055 :smiley:

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