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Setting default CRF version

Dear All,

Apologies if this is a very simple question, but I have been clicking away for hours and cannot find how to do this.
I have created a new CRF version (1.2), and would like this new version to be selected by default when a new event is scheduled. For the life of me, I cannot locate a way to change the default CRF version number.

I am using OpenClinca Community Version: 3.4 - Changeset: c37af906f671.
I am study director level permissions. I went to Administer->studies, expecting to find a way to do it there, but everywhere I go, I do not see any edit symbols, only view symbols.

If anyone could advise, I would be very grateful.

Kind regards,


  • anneliesrotteanneliesrotte Posts: 11
    Dear Mark

    Go to Tasks, Build Study, in line 3 Create Event Definitions select View. Then Edit the event involved. There you set per CRF the default.
    Hope this helps,

  • markyhb2markyhb2 Posts: 2
    via Email
    Wicked, thank you very much Annelies
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