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What is the best way to share a database with colleagues?

Hi there,
I am an academic researcher and I'm (very!) new to Open Clinica. I'm attempting to install it on my C drive (having some issues but that's a different post!). If I install it on my C drive with the web services applications can I then add users so that my colleagues can access the database? Do I need to install the software in a shared network folder or should I install it on each of my colleagues computers?

Thanks in advance,

Meghan McIlwain, PhD
University of Auckland


  • BinaryVisionBinaryVision Posts: 42
    It's a web applicaiton (site) that runs on a web server, with a database (PostgreSQL) to store the data. Your computer would be a web server like the one that hosts forums.openclinica.com.

    Unless you're a developer or programmer and have unfettered access to your PC and your local network, I wouldn't recommend turning your PC into a server. Once the site is running, you can log into http://localhost:8080/OpenClinica and add users, but the server would still need to be online, accept connections from your network, and have available memory. It's designed to be loaded onto a dedicated system/environment. Once configured, anyone on the network could connect to the URL of the site through Internet Explorer or Firefox to use OpenClinica.

    The most recent install guide is at https://github.com/OpenClinica/OpenClinica/wiki/Install-OpenClinica-3.6-&-3.7-on-Windows
  • SyntaxSyntax Posts: 34
    Note that the URL http://localhost:8080/OpenClinica needs to change to real web server IP address if you need others to be able to access your OC instance.

    For example, suppose your web server IP address is then the URL would be

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