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Automatic Edit Checks

I am looking to write some automated edit checks for my data. That would generate a report showing anything that looks questionable.
The first level of checks, would be for required fields and ranges, that may have been bypassed by adding an annotation.
The second level would be for things like checking visits are within protcol windows, that weight hasn't changed more than x% etc. These could range from the simple to very complex.
This second level would pretty much be unique for each study.
In my last company I had tried this using tab files, and PERL, but I have a feeling there is a better way. Can anyone suggest any options?

We are using OC3.6 (soon to upgrade to 3.7) Enterprise, and only small PC's to work on beyond this.

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    Take a look at the various exports solutions from Gerben at Trial Data Solutions and use Microsoft Access to create your queries. I have done that successfully-


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