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Code question for the dev team.. Poi.. 3.0.1?

curious.. Is there a reason why Poi is pinned to the 3.0.1 version from 2007?

Also I assume we shouldn't use the archived developer mailing list? is there a better place for this question? (github?)


  • kkrumliankkrumlian Posts: 25
    No specific reason. It was done a while back and it is still working so we have not gone and updated it.

    That said a lot of libraries need review/update. We will make that a priority and address that in the near future.

  • gpinkhamgpinkham Posts: 37
    Thanks Krikor.. luckily Google can filter search results by date so I back dated my search to 2009 to find some docs on using the old Poi.. works fine now!
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