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study_subject_id table


From the glossary:

Study Subject: A person added to a Study in OpenClnica. Also referred to as a Subject.

Study Subject ID: A unique identifier generated either manually or by the system when adding a Subject to a Study.

Can any one provide some help on what study_subject_id table is for and how it is used? I don't have any records in my demo database for this table.

Thank you.



  • lindsay.stevenslindsay.stevens Posts: 404 ✭✭✭
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    Subject table = Person (UI) = entity representing a person that may
    participate in one or more studies.

    Study subject table = Subject (UI) = entity representing the participation
    of a Person in a study. All study subjects are Persons.

    Study subject ID is the primary key for the study subject table. In the UI,
    the same name is used for what is actually stored in study_subject.label.
    When the study subject is created, the label is used to create the oc_oid.
    Once set, the oc_oid is not changed. The study settings (under Build Study)
    offer some configuration on how this is created. The label can be always an
    automatically generated number, or manually created, or auto generate then
    edit. The last two allow changes after creation. Manual entries can be up
    to 30 characters. However, the oc_oid only looks at the first 8 characters
    to determine if it is unique, otherwise the oc_oid will truncate and add 3
    or 4 random numbers to make it unique (the label is not truncated).

    The same kind of truncate / random / edit / label thing occurs for all
    OIDs, e.g. at the study, subject, study subject, event, CRF, CRF version,
    item group and item level.
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