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Double data entry

Hi all!,

We are using OpenClinica community edition for our trial. We are facing problems during double data entry. Would be greatful if anyone can suggest a solution.

After single entry has been done during double data entry form gives auto sugesstions of the values which were previously entered during single entry. This somehow is being misused by data entry operators and thus we are having low quality of data with errors.

Is there any way to avoid such problem?!

Data Manager
Public Health Foundation of India


  • juan.debonisjuan.debonis Posts: 36
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  • sadigasadiga Posts: 17
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    Are you using the same computer for second operator too? If yes, it might
    due to browser caching.

    You could either make them enter on different computers or use different
    browsers. Like Chrome for first time, Firefox for second time.

  • amrita87amrita87 Posts: 5
    Yes, we use same computer for both operators. Can we use Chrome/Firefox for OC ? As per my knowledge only Internet Explorer is recommended for OpenClinica.?
  • sadigasadiga Posts: 17
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    I am not sure about that. Someone who uses OC regularly or the dev team
    might be able to comment.

  • ebsebs Posts: 137 ✭✭
    Navigating to the login screen without IE shows the following:

    OpenClinica recommends using Firefox 25 and Internet Explorer 11. While OpenClinica is designed to work on all standards-compliant browsers, we have not verified that the application functions correctly on other browsers or browser versions. If you do not have one of the above browsers installed you may need to contact your IT support group for assistance.

    I use Chrome and it works fine.

    We saw the same behaviour in an CRF without double entry where IE was guessing the value of the field.

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