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Rules: "View within record" clarification


This is useful when viewing notes to open one with the "view within record" icon.
Doing that, sometimes there is only the exit button available on the form and sometimes, the save button is also available (which is very very useful).

Can you tell me, what are the conditions to always have this save button ?

Thank you,



  • abertuzziabertuzzi Posts: 51
    it may be you are experiencing the fact that CRF data correction is allowed using Discrepancy Notes's "View within record" function only if the CRF is marked as "Complete".
    If it is not marked as "Complete", in order to correct CRF contents you have to browse and locate the CRF in the Event-CRF tree to change the value to which the DN refers to.

    As far as I know a bug fix / enhancement (OC-1231 -Always allow editing a CRF, when accessing it from Notes and Discrepancies page) has been logged and being considered for resolution.

    Kind regards,
  • RCHENURCHENU Posts: 207 ✭✭
    Thinks Armando, you are right. It will be very good and easier to navigate if this feature was always available.

    Thank you,

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