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Date values missing

I have recently started using OpenClinica. I am working with OpenClinica 3.10.1 Community Edition. I am having problems with data extraction.

When I define a data extract with All Items (901 items) some dates (DATE and PDATE) are missing (entire column) from the output in *.tsv and html format. When I look at the same data extract exported to CDISC ODM XML 1.3 Clinical Data all the data values seem to be present.

If I reduce the size of this data extract by selecting only date fields, the values are then present in *.tsv and html format.

Any suggestions to possible causes of this phenomenon would be very welcome. Could it be an extract size issue? There are eight versions of the CRF in the extract. There is only data for 23 subjects.



  • alandersalanders Posts: 2
    As a follow up to my earlier post, today, I created a new study and used the latest version of the CRF from the study I am having data extraction problems with. I entered test data and have performed an All Items data extraction from my new study. All values are present in html and *.tsv formats. Great! Could the problem I describe above be related to having previous versions of CRFs in the study which have never had data entered into them?
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