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Regular expression for Subject ID

Hi, can anyone working at OpenClinica tell me which files I have to edit to add a regex when a new subject is added ?
I'm aware of that solution (trialdatasolutions.com/tds/howto/regexpforstudysubjectid.jsp) but this is not an acceptable solution.

Thanks a lot for your answers,



  • vic-avic-a Posts: 20
    @RCHENU This might help. There is no javascript to write, just few clicks and ready to go.

    Quick Compare Field Validation:

    Let me know if any questions

    PS: We are fixing the audio soon but feel free to let me know if any questions.

    Jini Intro:
    Simple Validation in OpenClinica:
    Conditional Show/Hide a section:
    Turn any Field into an autofill field:

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