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Simple conditional display from different sections

Hi every one.

I am new using OpenClinica and this forum.
I have a CRF with 4 different sections, and a lot of Items,
What I need to do is to condition one(sometimes more) Item(s), to another Item from a different section, doing the configuration just with "Simple conditional display" from XML document.
Is this possible? or do I have to use Rules?
Thanks for answering

Kind regards :)

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  • vic-avic-a Posts: 20
    @SRZM569 See if this helps: . you could start simple or build complex rules.

    Sorry about the audio quality but feel free to ask questions. I would also recommend to take a look at our Intro video:
  • ccollinsccollins Posts: 383 admin
    @vic-a, your tool looks innovative and powerful but unless I missed something there's no info on how it is accessible to users. Do you have a website, download, or code repository you can link to?
  • vic-avic-a Posts: 20
    @ccollins You are right. I will have the site and the code ready for anyone to download and use in next 2 weeks. Although the app is ready but need to be moved into a more stable server.
    I recorded these videos last week to submit a demo table or a for a workshop session request to meet Juy 29th deadline for the OC16 conference. I have a lot more in store - validations just scratches the surface.

    I would appreciate an opportunity to bring this to OC16 - already registered for it but hoping to present in a demo setting.

  • ccollinsccollins Posts: 383 admin
    via Email
    Sounds great, thanks!
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