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Re: [OpenClinica] How to hide certain forms from certain users?

lindsay.stevenslindsay.stevens Posts: 404 ✭✭✭
In the same situation I'd probably try to keep the same overall process but
automate the replication step. What that means is to use web services to
create the review copy subjects, and for the files insert a reference to
each existing file. I think the way file uploads go is that the database
stores a URI and puts the file into the file system, so rather than copying
the file you copy just the URI.

Otherwise, I guess you'd need a separate, custom application which is
probably a lot more work. As a start, you could adapt the DataUploader,
RadPlanBio or ODIN community apps which I think all pass through
authentication to OpenClinica and have code for interaction with the
available APIs.


  • mvirtosumvirtosu Posts: 276 ✭✭

    Thanks for your suggestion. I tested by creating an ODM import file containing the file upload link from another subject and, while the import went fine and I can see the file name on the new CRF, when I click on the link, I cannot view/download the file, all I get is a blank page. I can, however, view/download the file just fine on the CRF for the original subject.

    I noticed that the download link contains the event CRF ID and since that does not match, perhaps that is why the file is not retrieved?

    Also, I am not sure why your email response created a new thread, but here is my original post in case people are wondering:

    "We have a multi-site study where a PI needs to review certain file uploads and fill out their observations on a review results CRF. The reviewer must not see any other forms and the other people in the study must not see the review results CRF.

    We have been using the workaround of enrolling each subject again at a "review"site and manually re-uploading the files needed for review at that site. Then we hide most of the forms from the "review" site and allow access only to the "review results" CRF. This workaround is less than ideal since it involves a lot of manual work.

    I am sure people have come across this scenario in other studies. What was your solution?"

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