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CRF currently unavailable (locked by user)

ebsebs Posts: 137 ✭✭

When attempting to edit a CRF which is marked as data entry complete the following message is displayed:

"This CRF is currently unavailable for data entry. USERX is currently entering data. Once they leave the CRF, you will be allowed to enter data."

The user in question was last using the system 10 days ago.

Does anyone have any tips as to how to unlock the CRF? I have prompted the user to login and out again but they have yet to respond so would like to be able to remove the lock manually if possible.

OC v3.4.1



  • jguptajgupta Posts: 27
    Please restart the Tomcat. This will remove the lock. Also this issue does not exist in later versions of OpenClinica. Hope this helps.
    Best regards,
  • salmafsalmaf Posts: 5
    We have version 3.8 and this happened to us a few weeks ago. You can just ask that user to enter and exit the eCRF that it says is locked and that fixed it for us. In our case, the user was on holidays so I had to reset their password, login as them and enter and exit the eCRF then email them a new temporary password. Hopefully it doesn't happen regularly for us. I'm not sure if this means that the user closed the browser without logging out.
  • ebsebs Posts: 137 ✭✭
    edited November 2016
    Thanks for the responses.

    We managed to contact the user and once they logged in/out it cleared the issue. Bouncing Tomcat would also have cleared it I assume but is obviously more intrusive to the end users.

    It is mentioned elsewhere as fixed in 3.1 https://forums.openclinica.com/discussion/comment/14232#Comment_14232 but it is obviously still possible if you are seeing it in 3.8.

    I think the user must have closed the browser/timed out whilst editing the CRF before logging out of OC.

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