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REST API Configuration

Hi All, A couple of questions re the REST API.

1. Are there any configuration steps for the REST API to be available
2. Is the REST API fully functional in the Open Source Version or only the Enterprise version?


  • toskriptoskrip Posts: 279 ✭✭✭

    as REST API is part of the main OpenClinica codebase there is no extra configuration necessary. Parts of API may require to have a certain modules enabled in OC (these on the other hand require configuration). This is especially true for the Participate specific things. So the API in OSS is the same as API in Enterprise, but if you don't activate the enterprise module the API will no be very usable (because OC will not be able to communicate with that specific software module). But again this is true only for calls that have something to do with Participate as far as I know.

    One thing to keep an eye on... if you have upgraded from previous version of OC where REST API was not available, your users may not have appropriate ApiKey generated for accessing the REST endpoint (as authentication measure). In that case you need to reset the password for them (this will force ApiKey generation that is afterwards stored in column within user account table in database).


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