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assign user to site and not only study

I have a problem. Some users have been added to a study and not to a site in that study. How can I change that. I can change their role or delete them from that study, but I want to assign them to a site. Is there no way around it? My last option is to delete them from the study and grant them new users....

One of the data entry persons have managed to enter data outside the site (in the root) and I would like to move that data to the site, if that is possible. I guess she wont have access to that data when I change the user from root of the study to site specific unless I move the data.
She tried to enter the data under her site but that was no go because it was in the root.

please help me


  • tkhajatkhaja Posts: 62 ✭✭
    Hi Rikke,

    This is possible. Please follow the below steps:
    1. Log into the site that you would like the user to have access to
    2. In the tasks list under 'study setup' click the link for users
    3. Assign new user to current study/site - select the appropriate role in the drop-down list and select the checkbox and submit
    *The user should now have a site-specific role.

    To remove their access at the study level:
    1. Under administration, go to Administer Users
    2. Find the account and click the 'remove' icon next to the study-level role.

    With regards to your question about moving the subject to the site, here is the link

    Once the subject is reassigned from the study to site then the user should be able to view the data even after removing her access to the study.

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