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Community vs. Enterprise

I work with a small CRO involved in post-marketing, outcomes-based research. We work with doctors and drug companies to carry out retrospective chart reviews. Currently, we use paper CRFs to capture data, but my boss is ready to make the move to EDCs. Hooray!

However, given we are such a small company, our budget is limited, and we are attempting to determine the best EDC solution. The community version of OpenClinica sounded like a great option, but we would need help installing the software and would need some training. The Enterprise version would be wonderful, but the price-tag is too high for us.

Perhaps there is a solution out there? People with experiences to share? I would love to learn more! I am extremely grateful for any guidance or help the community of users could provide! Thank you so very much.


  • fclemceresfclemceres Posts: 3
    hi rachel and the OC community,

    We are also a small CRO with limited budget. Entreprise is not yet the solution.

    We are currently evaluating a move from an in-house developped EDC to openclinica community.
    As a Data Manager, I push for the change but we need to evaluate the viability of such a move: in implies the Statistician, Project management, CRA... and we are all used to the current EDC.

    The major steps for us is to check
    - buisness plan: how are we allowed to use OC (lgpl-2.1) and what is the plan to sell the service.
    - Comparison: is OC a better solution.
    - Define a validation plan: At the moment based on the VP for our in-house EDC.

    I hope to bring news in the next month if the transition is accepted. and if not, what were the issues.

    Of course I am also interested if someone want to share experience!

    and please Rachel give news on the process.



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