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Repeating a section (WITHOUT looking like a table)

Dear all,

I would like to repeat a whole section of my CRF, but I do not want it to look like a table (which would be the case if I use groups/GRID), because then I would lose the overview (since the section concerns multiple variables).

I know the other option would be to make another (repeatable) event, but I would prefer to keep only one event. Therefore, I wondered if anyone knows whether or not it is possible to repeat a section without the use of groups/GRID, and thus without looking like a table.

Some background information: it concerns a patient database in which patients might have undergone multiple imaging modalities, for example X-rays or MRI scans, so I would like to repeat the section with the imaging modality variables.

Thank you in advance for your response! (Also if you are sure that it is not possible what I want!)

Best regards,



  • ecalanchiecalanchi Posts: 26
    Repeating groups and repeating events are the only options to dynamically repeat items that I know. Did you consider to create a different eCRF for each imaging modality in the same event? The CRF completed would give you an immediate overview of scans performed for each patients.
    E. Calanchi
  • ccollinsccollins Posts: 383 admin
    via Email
    Hi Lotte,

    Unfortunately it is not possible to have a repeating group in OpenClinica 3
    without it being a grid-style layout. It is possible in OpenClinica 4 using
    the form and group's 'appearance' options.
    Also, you may want to take a look at the recently released “Common Events”
    feature for OC4 that allows you to customize what data you see on the
    Subject Details page, which may be of interest:

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